Utopian Cities

Utopian cities


    Things have started to move forward for me in 2016. I have worked on two projects in 2015 and those opened a few doors. Thanks to wonderful Helen Mort my project, People of Shiva - portraits of sadhu monks in Varanasi was introduced to William Gould, professor of Indian History in the History Department at the University of Leeds.

    William works along Dr Ayona Datta is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds, Dr Rebecca Madgin, a Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow and Sarah Gandee is a PhD student at the University of Leeds. 

    The project concentrates on four contrasting cities in India: Varanasi, Chandigarh, Navi Mumbai,  Nashik and explores how cities have developed through the time and how will future development shape cities and way of life within those cities. The project runs simultaneously in India and United Kingdom, with workshops closely following the rationale of the project. 

    If you are interested in finding out more about this project follow this link:




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